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You will spend months and months on your training, diet and preparations to look your best when you take to the stage. It is important not to sell yourself short at the last minute by choosing a cheap alternative option for tanning, hair and makeup. We see it time and time again, competitors failing to place because the finishing touches (especially tanning) did not bring out the best in the physique presented. If you are going to spend thousands on food, costumes, gym memberships etc., be sure not to skimp on the most important part – Stage Presentation.

Comptan provides you with an easy option for the complete package which is provided by professionals with years of experience in their specialty; be it tanning, hair styling and makeup.


The most effective way of emphasising your physique is with a competition spray tan. The tan used is much darker than regular tan, creating shadows and contours in areas that are not easily visible to the natural eye. This is especially evident under stage lights. The number of coats you receive will depend on your skin tone and the category you are competing in. Each competitor will be tanned the night before and the morning of the show. An extra coat of tan may be applied if you, or your tanner feels it is necessary.

Stage lighting can be hot so sweating is to be expected. Our team will be backstage at the event for any last minute touch ups before you take to the stage. This also includes the application of bikini bite, oil and bronzer.


The differences between regular makeup and stage makeup are drastic. Under the bright lights of the stage, makeup can appear non-existent, colours look completely different and imperfections are highlighted. Using an industry professional is a must to get that flawless look. That's why we have assembled a team of trained makeup artists who use a range of techniques and colours to make sure you look your best when you take to the stage.

Stage makeup is not the kind of makeup you would get for a special occasion as it can be quite intense, however, under the bright lights of the stage it will appear normal. It is also important to match your makeup with your competition tan, something that is easier said than done.


It sounds trivial, but your hair style on the day can help improve your overall score. The length and style of your hair should be directly influenced by you facial structure. We always recommend trialling a few different styles at home to see which style best suits you. We can then re-create this style on the day.

The colour and condition of your hair can also make a huge difference. Under the bright lights, frizzy or untidy hair will be magnified on stage and colours can change drastically, often distracting from your physique.

Our award winning hair stylists will work with you to create a look that enhances your appearance.


Our infrared sauna is the most effective and relaxing way to manage your weight during prep and drastically reduce the aches and pains brought on by regular workouts.

The heat produced in our sauna heats your body directly, rather than heating the actual sauna itself. This process increases circulation and speeds up the oxygen levels which helps the body recover following intense workouts.

Retaining water weight can be a huge problem for competitors. Our infrared sauna is an effective way to look 'dryer' and 'leaner' before a comp. Although regular intensive sauna sessions can help burn fat, it is mainly the build up of fluid that is lost. Perfect for the final weeks of prep.